Committee Workgroups

Workgroup Information:

  • Entry Workgroup on Admission and Education: Develop proposed rules of admission and develop educational and exam components.
  • Linda Odermott, Chair
    Aurora Levinson
    Brian Cox

  • Regulation Workgroup: Develop Rules of Professional Conduct, disciplinary rules and continuing education requirements.
  • Robin Wright, Chair
    Sue Gerhardt
    Ralph Gzik

  • Stakeholder Workgroup: Develop a list of stakeholders with whom we will need to engage. Outline method and timing of outreach to the different stakeholders.
  • Workgroup DocumentsJudge Harris, Chair
    Jon Dennis
    Judge Torres

  • Legislative Liaison: Shepherd legislative proposal through the legislative session
  • Judge Harris and Judge Thompson

  • Supreme Court Liaison:
  • Judge Thompson

Workgroup Documents:

Admission & Education Workgroup Draft documents
Regulation Workgroup Draft documents
Stakeholder Workgroup Draft documents